Developed by Rajkumar

Utilities PHP

these are a collection of utility functions i wrote in PHP for my android app, Amrita Repository.


an anonymous feedback platform built using flask and sqlite3 database.

Secure Forum PHP LARAVEL

a forum site built using laravel 5, based on MVC(Model-View-Controller) pattern featuring jwt based authentication and APIs.


A simple Content Management System built using PHP, MySQL and JWT based authentication system.

Amrita Repository JAVA XML

An all in one android app for downloading previous year question papers for all the courses provided at the institution, with much more additional features.

Amrita QPapers PYTHON

This is a command-line version of Amrita Repository App, coded in Python 3. It helps you download previous year question papers in a much easier way.
Available for both Linux | Windows.

My Coimbatore ANDROID

This app helps users to know about the major tourist spots in and around the city of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The spots are broadly divided into four categories namely Nature, Temples, History and Leisure. It provides a gist about each of the tourist spot and also has the facility to open that particular place in Google Maps, thereby making it easier for the user to navigate.


This is my first short film as an editor.The story revolves around the ideology of women from a boy's perspective.